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Tim sent me this...I replied "Soldier on Heinrich Himmler (Scotty)…Delete my account at the V!"

OK, I know you don't care to much but I figured I would let you know what is going on..

Lance posted this:
Here's what we have fellas, GISAMMY and Radsbee resigned. I received an e-mail from rads a couple days ago in which I was able to respond to today. I will share it with everyone. I'm not sure what is going on as I've been out of the loop for many many months now but it is a sad day when you let members like GI and Rads down in some way. Two persons I have the upmost respect for! Hopefully they will come back and just take a needed break. Things like this have happened in the past and worked fine.
To what JJ has said I would like to reiterate that I always believed we had a very friendly group of friends to play with and have fun and relax after a hard days work. We've prided ourselves over the years on having fun and playing in a relaxed atmosphere which was all about just having FUN. This isn't a professional ladder site or hardcore gaming team, where here to have some fun with friends, that's it. However we do have structure in place basically to weed out problem people who fall through the cracks. Other than that everyone is on a equal level with everyone having a say in what we do. For me personally I'm here to play games with good people and have fun. I'm a gamer and have been my whole life since the pong days. I'll always have a FPS to play whatever it is as long as there are good people to have fun with to play with me!
I think posting the e-mails are in good taste as there isn't anything bad in them:
Hey Lance,

Just sending you this to let you know that I have, (with a great deal of thought), decided to resign from the “V”. I realise that this also means that my boys Gator and Rhino will also be gone with me, I have spoken with them and they are fine with this as well. I have enjoyed my time here and have made many new friends but my time has come to leave.

Don (Radsbee)
My response:
Well Don, I'm speechless here bud. As with all things you where a big part of things here and very well respected and liked with your sons. I always looked forward to talking with you and playing with you. YOU and your sons are always welcome here bud. That will never change!!
We really hate to lose great people and that is exactly what you and your family is, awesome people! I wish you all the best and hope you reconsider, take a break but again you will always be welcome here and welcome back bud!
However if something was bothering you if really wish you would have came and asked myself or scott about it, I've been out of the loop for the last 7 months. After talking with Mikey about your e-mail he was very upset and was I. He mentioned politics and BS, I'm lost as far as that goes. Maybe you could elaborate and help things grow from here, It's a sad day when we let someone of your caliber down and I have no answers as to why.
Anyway bud I hope you reconsider and your always welcome here!


Scott replied later with:

First off, I don't believe that there are any problems. From what I know and what's been said to others, this was a personal choice for them. it hurts because they are good friends. we feel guilty because we care. In short, I don't know that we can do anything except soldier on.


I sent Scott a PM with this! ROFL!!!

I'm not looking to start problems or more drama. I feel your post about the reasons for GI and Rads and family leaving is just your personal rationalization, denial maybe? To me it's like Charles Manson saying me and my followers are normal the rest of you are all crazy. I don't mean to toss any offense at you but knowing Jeff as well as I do there IS a problem, and I would think Rads saw it as well. If the problem (or problems) don't find and realize there is a problem and try to correct it then I have a feeling more might possibly leave. Personally I don't hold much hope of things getting better in the near future.
There are too many "fence sitters" in this group that would rather watch things happen then actually do something. They talk a big talk but that's all they are... WINDBAGS! I helped to try and keep things together last year around this time. I tried to garner support of some members and they felt it better to sit back and watch then do anything. Shortly after that is when the "Council" idea emerged. Sounded good, and looked good on paper at first, but A lot of talk but no real action... My absence might be part of it as I am on the council but I am only one of 7. The other 6 haven't done much of anything either except for an email (supposedly) that possibly chased another member away...
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